Sunday, June 9, 2013

CN Orientation 2013

Hey everyone! I think it is safe to assume that you are reading this because you have either decided to come to Carson-Newman to join our family or you simply got curious and somehow managed to stumble upon our little list of o-leaders' blogs! Either way, I'm super excited to welcome you to Carson-Newman and everything it has to offer. 

I bet you are thinking, "Ok so she's an O-leader and obviously goes to CN, but what else?" So, let me just fill in that blank section of information that's missing. My name is Katrina Shipley, and I am from Athens, TN. Well, technically Englewood, but nobody really knows where that is. Actually, nobody really knows where Athens is either.... Anyway, I am getting ready to start my senior year here at CN. I have done some serious "major hopping" as a student. Initially, I started as a pre-pharmacy major. Chemistry kicked my rear, so I switched to secondary education with a biology focus, and then somehow Tommy Clapp, the Department of First Year and Conference Services director convinced me to change my major to PE with and Outdoor/Recreation Emphasis. This will be the area in which my college degree will be in. I am a student worker in the First Year and Conference Services Department along with fellow leader Charlie Ridgely (he's pretty awesome; you should read his blog too), I babysit Tommy Clapp's Children, and also help out on a high ropes course in Knoxville on Thursday nights. I have worked three summers now at CN planning, running, and being a counselor for our campus summer day camps. Needless to say, I keep myself pretty busy. 

I have to say, if it weren't for me coming to CN, I never would have found my calling in life: working with at risk youth and children with disabilities. This calling will lead me on to pursue a master's degree in therapeutic recreation. With this being my last year as an o-leader, I want to make it my goal to show you everything CN has to offer you, help you to find your potential as others have helped me, and share my passion for this place with you during our time together at Orientation!